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  • Where should I start looking to buy a French Bulldog?
    Take a look on "Dogzonline". This is a great website with a comprehensive list of breeds and breeders. We here at Buntalini suggest that, before buying a pup, that you do your homework. ​ Do the breeders have a website? If so when was the last time it was updated? Are the testimonials on their pages from happy satisfied buyers? Do they have a facebook page? What photos are available? Is a copy of the Pedigree papers for the Sire and Dam available? What kind of environment are the puppies raised in? Home or Kennel? What does the litter look like? What do the parents look like? Are you allowed to view the mother and father and puppies? What type of health and vet checks will they offer in the price? Do as much research as possible so you can make an informed decision.
  • I'm buying a pup/dog from a registered breeder, should it come with paperwork?"
    Yes, your pup/dog should definitely come with "Limited Registration Papers" stating the dog is a pedigree French Bulldog, being sold as a pet (normally an orange and white colour). It can take a few weeks to receive your papers as legislation requires that the whole litter be sold and pups names and new addresses collected before papers are drawn up for new owners. You should also receive an up-to-date vaccination card. This should be a very detailed document listing all the dogs' injections & treatments in addition with it's microchip number recorded.
  • What is the difference between Mains and Limited papers ?
    A - Mains ANKC registration papers are only provided with pups/dogs that can be used for breeding in the future; there are no restrictions. Limited registration papers are provided with a pup/dog which is being bought as a pet and it only has limited ANKC registration. This means the cost of spaying/neutering will be the buyers expense and performed when pup/dog is of age.
  • What questions should I ask, when buying the pup ?"
    Buntalini suggests you ask; How old are the pups? Do you have photos of the parents? Have the pups been DNA tested? Have the parents been DNA tested? Do you have a copy of their pedigree papers? Are you a registered dog breeder? Can you email me a copy of all of the papers (don't just take their word for it) How much are the puppies? When will they be ready to go? Do they have any breathing difficulties or pinched nostrils? Can I see photos of the pup including tail, ears and body length?
  • DNA what is it? Why is it important ?
    DNA testing offers an opportunity buyers to ensure they are purchasing a healthy and happy pup/dog with no genetic diseases. Hereditary disease testing can allow for accurate diagnosis of disease status of your dog (clear, carrier or affected). Testing for hereditary diseases helps to create a clearer picture for the future health and happiness of your animals. Ensure your future pet is healthy by requesting disease free DNA papers.
  • When should I discuss money and make payment?
    The price of the puppy should be discussed upfront then you will know if it fits into your budget. Generally once purchase has been agreed upon a deposit is paid to secure and hold the puppy (deposit amount will vary from one breeder to another) Pup is then collected at 8 weeks.
  • What is the process for getting Fresh, Chilled or Frozen seamen? Can it be shipped Australia wide?"
    When your bitch comes into season you take her to the vet and have her projesterone levels checked by a bloodtest, when the levels indicate she is ready to be mated or not far off, you then contact the Stud owner. Once you have chosen the Stud dog you would like to use, he is taken to the vets and collected by the vet. The sample is then tested and a report is written to make sure it is viable. Semen can be shipped Australia wide via Sires On Ice, as chilled or frozen. If you live in the same city a fresh collection is always best. When shipping interstate extender is added to the semen to lengthen the lifespan of the sample. The Stud fee is paid upfront and owner of the bitch pays for collection and shipping. If the bitch Misses or does not get pregnant a free stud fee is offered for the next mating. A refund is not given. This is standard.
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