Breed Characteristics

Minature molossoid (mastiff) has a large head, solid cobby body, longer roach back legsand a pear shaped body when viewed from above. They have bat ears, carry most of their weight on their forequarters, their shoulders should not be tacked on and a tail that is naturally short and undocked. Weight of the male is ideally 12.7 kgs and female 10-11 kgs. Allowance is given to bitches, whose female form is more refined.


Frenchie's appearance is unique with its distinguishing "bat ears", well muscled compact coby body of good one and graceful curves, muzzle broad deep and set back. Square to the ground and very powerful for its small size. Dogs should show no signs of respiratory distresss. The large square head should be in balance with the rest of its body with no point exaggerated. The ears should be broad at the base, elongated, with round top, set high on the head but not too close together and carried erect with the orifice at the front. Smooth, soft, short coat. Pied's clear coat. Nose extremely short, black and wide, with it's open nostrils and line between well defined. Slightly undershot. Teeth sound and not visible when mouth is closed. Tongue must not protrude. Coat colours may vary (see my page French bulldog colours page for more details) Eyes are preferably dark and positioned low down on the skull. Round of moderate size......no whites showing when looking forward. The Frenchie is incredibily agile, able to spring up onto furniture without taking a run off. Often jumping in mid air to turn 180 degrees and come down facing the opposite direction.


Height requirement to the standard. (Height is governed by weight and appearance of being square to the ground.) Soundness is not to be sacrificed to size. "Bat Ears" are essentilal. Wide apart, set high, at the corner of the skull, carried high and parrallel. The inner aspect of the ears taper towards the outside they are 11 oclock and one o'clock. The ear is elongated, being greater in height than its width at the broad base. Mobile, sonar ears of soft, fine texture.

Head & Skull

Square, large and broad, but in proportion to the dogs size and in balance with the rest of the body. Skull nearly flat between the ears. Domed forehead and furrow between the eyes that must not extend onto the forehead. Symmetrical wrinkles of soft skin form a roll over the extremely short wide black nose. Open nostrils and line between well defined. Should have short square underjaw that is undershot and well turned up. well defined muzzle, broad, deep and well set back, muscles of cheeks well developed but not prominent. Lips black, thisk, meeting each other in the centre, completely hiding teeth, plenty of cushion & never so exaggerated to hang down too much belowthe level of the lower jaw.


Broad, deep and set well back, stop well defined. Muscles of cheeks well developed. Nose and lips meeting each other in the centre completely hiding teeth. Upper lip covers lower on each side with plenty of cushion, never so exaggerated as to hang too much below the level of lower jaw.


They should be set wide apart forming an almost perfect square, straight boned when viewed from front or side, strong, muscular and relatively short. Substantial bone. Elbows held under the shoulder and closely to the body. Shoulders set at the outside of the chest but not tacked on. EYES Preferably round, dark, matching and of moderate size. Neither sunken nor prominent and showing no whites of the eyes when looking straight forward. Set wide apart and low down. Eye rims dark.


Free and flowing. From the side there should be an obvious reach to the front legs, with the rear driving in a balanced corresponding fashion, using forelegs and rear legs with equal efficiency Properly gaited the French Bulldog will propel itself forward, held up naturally with a smooth, lively gait and in such a fashion as to leave the impression it could move this way indefinately. The roach provides agility for cornering and speed. Frenchies can jump high, run really fast and corner on a dime. Viewed from the side there is no undue undulation. The front legs move straight through in a direct line without deviation and remain almost parrallel to each otherLight on their feet for a heavy built dog, the gait is flowing, quick and vigorous. Rear feet travel inside the line of the front feet and are visible through the front legs when coming forward. There is a spring in the step, creating a gentle sway at the rear.


Legs strong, muscular and longer than the forelegs thus raising loins above the shoulders. Hocks well let down.


Deeply affectionate & intelligent.

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