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Buntalini French Bulldogs would like to take this opportunity to thank all our happy customers providing such wonderful testimonials.  Nothing pleases us more to see our beautiful puppies and their new families, happy together. 


We bought 3 of Sharon's beautiful pups about a year ago, Malcolm, Marius and Penelope. Sharon worked with us to meticulously coordinate their journey to Borneo and kept us so closely up to date on their growth prior to leaving the nest. we had the pleasure of meeting Sharon and the puppies prior to everything and I must say it was amazing - these aren't just frenchies hey, they are family and Sharon makes sure they know and behave like it from the get go. The 3 I have are the best behaved, super smart and well adjusted dogs. I take them to work with me (we run resorts!) and have never had any issues.. besides that one time Penelope refused to leave because a guest was giving her a good ol belly rub. much love to you, Sharon. I'm really glad our paths crossed!




Buntalini French Bulldogs is proud to own Nothing Up My Sleeve aka GUS. Gus has an excellent pedigree and is available at Stud.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you're interested in using a quality ANKC registered male. Visit our Stud Males page for more information including photos, Pedigree and DNA.

We select the stud dogs we use for each of our bitches carefully, according to their temperament, breeding and confirmation.


What an absolutely awesome experience working with Sharon from Buntalini French Bulldogs. After talking to Sharon about Breeding Gus "Bonzabull Nothing Up My Sleeve" to My Girl Lilly "Cosmique Lilly Lantry" via fresh chilled semen via TCI. Sharon on such short notice had Chilled semen on is way to me from Brisbane to Townsville within a heartbeat. After Insemination and a successful pregnancy, birth and 6 beautiful healthy puppies later Sharon has continued to keep in touch offering her support. I cant wait for my next puppy from a Buntalini litter to add to my breeding program.

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