Buntalini French Bulldogs would like to take this opportunity to thank all our happy customers providing such wonderful testimonials.  Nothing pleases us more to see our beautiful puppies and their new families, happy together. 


We bought 3 of Sharon's beautiful pups about a year ago, Malcolm, Marius and Penelope. Sharon worked with us to meticulously coordinate their journey to Borneo and kept us so closely up to date on their growth prior to leaving the nest. we had the pleasure of meeting Sharon and the puppies prior to everything and I must say it was amazing - these aren't just frenchies hey, they are family and Sharon makes sure they know and behave like it from the get go. The 3 I have are the best behaved, super smart and well adjusted dogs. I take them to work with me (we run resorts!) and have never had any issues.. besides that one time Penelope refused to leave because a guest was giving her a good ol belly rub. much love to you, Sharon. I'm really glad our paths crossed!




    "Sharon helped me find a pup when I was very confused about everything; what to look for, what to expect & why certain prices applied.

    Sharon pointed me in the right direction and we got our amazing little girl whom we love to pieces. I can't thank Sharon enough for all of her knowledge and guidance. 100% happy with our little one we have called her Paris.

    Kind Thanks, Crystal."


    Hi Sharon

    I just want to say a big thank you for allowing us to gain a new member of our family! Our little man, currently Mr Orange until he gets his new name, has been an absolute delight ever since the moment he bounced out the crate, with all the confidence in the world.  Since the beginning of our journey to get a Pumpkin pup (that started nearly 2 years ago), Sharon has been great to communicate with and is extremely helpful.  It takes a bit of effort to get a pup from Australia, but Sharon was so accommodating with the extra vet visits and all the paperwork that went along with it.  We travelled to meet the little man and could see how well they were looked after and how each of the dogs was treated like a member of her family.  Sharon’s whole focus is on making sure that each of the pups is a confident, healthy and happy pup and that was certainly evident in Mr Orange.  I would not hesitate to purchase another pup from Sharon (next time a girl, don’t tell hubby!)


    "So glad I found Buntalini after months of searching

    for a caring, quality breeder


    Sharon is awesome gives great advice and support."

    Thanks, Tibor & Brando (my handsome boy).

  • HUGO

    "Absolute wonderful experience purchasing a puppy from Sharon. Our little man is an absolute dream - healthy, happy, loving and perfect in every way.


    If you are looking to add that special member to your family, we highly recommend Buntalini French Bulldogs. Beautifully bred, sweet natured, well socialised puppies and so professional. 


    Thank you Sharon for allowing us to have this gorgeous boy to become part of our family."

  • ZOE

    The quality of Buntalini French Bulldogs is amazing. They are absolutely stunning, with

    perfect confirmation, soft shiny coats & wrinkle head - the typical cobby french bulldog standard with DNA testing. Sharon is very trustworthy, helpful & thorough.


    Buntalini clearly breed for quality not quantity. Puppies are raised in a loving home environment & have personality plus. Puppies are treasured far beyond making money & Buntalini make sure their puppies go to the best forever homes. Highly recommended !!!


    I started my search for a French Bulldog on the Buntalini French Dogs Website. The first thing I loved about the website was the testimonials and the beautiful professional photos. I felt straight awaythat Buntalini was the right choice for me.

    This led me to the Buntalini Facebook page, my favourite part was the photo of Gus watchingtelevision. This gives you an idea that Sharon absolutely loves her frenchies. I spoke to Sharon on Tuesday and from the start the process was seamless. Sharon likes to ensure the right personality fit between a dog and a new owner. Everything was explained and I spoke to Sharon several times through the week. On Friday my new puppy arrived and he has been named Louis.


    It was love at first sight. I was looking for a puppy who was full of love, had character and would fit my lifestyle. Louis is all those things and more, the photos really do not do him justice. He is well adjusted, has confidence a cheeky personality and lots of love to share around. Each day is absolutely fascinating as Louis learns new things and settles into his new life. I feel very blessed to be chosen to love this little Frenchie, he has brought me oodles of love and giggles while he learns to navigate the big wide world. If you are looking for a quality Frenchie then contact Sharon at Buntalini French Dogs.


    "I bought my Buntalini puppy “Miss Piper” back in 2015 , Sharon has been an excellent resource and breed mentor for me throughout Pipers's life and show career. Sharon is always willing to answer  all of my questions and has given me heaps of support , she always ensures her puppies are going to good homes, with people who know what to expect and have made all the necessary preparation.

    You will often find sharon will hold back pups rather than sell them to unsuitable homes. 

    I wouldn’t hesitate, even for a moment, to buy again from Sharon" 



    "I recently purchased Clark Kent, a one year old frenchie, from Buntallini French Bulldogs. As someone who has had French Bulldogs before (my family currently has two back home in Canada).

    I was extremely impressed with Sharon’s breeding standards and the health and appearance of her dogs. Even more so, Clark’s temperament is so loving and kind which further demonstrates the love and care she put into raising him before he came to me. He is just the most perfect little boy who follows me around everywhere I go. No matter what I’m doing around the house - laundry, homework, etc., Clark is just a step behind or sitting by my feet. He has perfectly transitioned into living with me in my apartment and has not had any behavioural issues. He rarely barks, has not had any accidents or chewed any of my belongings. He has become the perfect companion dog and has truly brought me so much joy, even in the short amount of time he has been with me. Clark has been in many different environments since coming home. I don’t have to think twice before bringing him around other dogs or small children as he is very gentle and friendly.


    I bring him to appointments with me at the salon, dog friendly cafes, the beach, and friends homes as he is so easy going and well trained. Everyone who meets Clark falls in love with him and tells me how perfect he is. I would highly recommend Buntalini French Bulldogs to anyone searching for a quality French bulldog. Sharon has been so helpful ensuring Clark’s transition into my home has been seamless and I am sure any dog coming from her will be nothing but exceptional. 


Buntalini French Bulldogs is proud to own Nothing Up My Sleeve aka GUS. Gus has an excellent pedigree and is available at Stud.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you're interested in using a quality ANKC registered male. Visit our Stud Males page for more information including photos, Pedigree and DNA.

We select the stud dogs we use for each of our bitches carefully, according to their temperament, breeding and confirmation.


What an absolutely awesome experience working with Sharon from Buntalini French Bulldogs. After talking to Sharon about Breeding Gus "Bonzabull Nothing Up My Sleeve" to My Girl Lilly "Cosmique Lilly Lantry" via fresh chilled semen via TCI. Sharon on such short notice had Chilled semen on is way to me from Brisbane to Townsville within a heartbeat. After Insemination and a successful pregnancy, birth and 6 beautiful healthy puppies later Sharon has continued to keep in touch offering her support. I cant wait for my next puppy from a Buntalini litter to add to my breeding program.

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